GO2 Heating tips to save you money this Winter

It’s that time of year again - The nights are getting longer, temperature’s are back below the 20°Cs and your central heating is slowly making a comeback.

It’s true that there’s nothing better then coming home to a toasty, warm house - however the bill doesn’t quite get the same warm welcome at the end of the month.

Here’s some of our tips on the four main areas you can save some pennies on your central heating bills this month!

1. Thermostats

Control your temperature - If you haven’t got one already, then we’d highly recommend getting a programmable thermostat. This allows you to set certain times of day for your heating to turn on/off to your desired temperature, ensuring you can run your central heating efficiently and make the most out of it.

Be SMART - If you want even further control of your heating schedule, and to be able to amend even when you’re out of the house, then you will benefit from a Smart Thermostat. Nest and Hive are two of the most commonly known brands, but the market is flooding with alternatives. Read more about these here

Just one degree - Did you know that turning your normal thermostat temperature down by just one degree can cut your heating bill by up to 10%?

An example of a smart NEST thermostat completed for a customer in Marbury, Cheshire

2. House Preparation

Don't let in the draught - If your house is still feeling cold, even with regular use of your heating, you might need to work on insulating your home… and it doesn’t have to be as costly as it sounds. Just making simple changes to cover any draught points (usually around door frames, windows and letterboxes) can make a big difference, and there’s some inexpensive solutions available for this.

Home Insulation - If you are looking to take it a step further to heat proof your home, then insulation is the way to go. By adding additional insulation to loft, walls and flooring, you can retain heat in your house, and eventually will be a big money saver after the initial cost of installing.

Furniture Arrangement - As simple as it sounds, furniture obstructing radiators can have a big effect on how the heat can travel throughout your home. If you usually have sofas, cupboards or beds blocking the radiators, then it would be wise to rearrange during the autumn/winter months.

Close your doors - Radiators and convection heaters work by circulating heat into the air in the room, so it makes sense that another way to keep the room warm by closing doors where possible.

3. Heating Provider

Check for better deals - Changing providers can be a bit of a pain, so most people won’t shop around all that often for better deals on their energy bills. However, it’s well worthwhile to keep an eye out for cheaper deals. It then gives you the option to contact your current providers customer support team to negotiate a lower or more suitable payment plan for your home.

Energywatch provide free advice and assistance on switching suppliers: www.energywatch.org.uk or contact them on 08459 060708

Some sources for searching the best energy deals: www.uswitch.com www.comparethemarket.co.uk www.moneysupermarket.com www.energyhelpline.com

4. Look after your Heating System

Keep up to date on annual services - As part of the annual boiler service we do for our customers, as well as checking the appliance is safe and working correctly, we’ll also identify whether it is working as efficiently as it should.

Having these annual services can help keep your boiler and heating system running efficiently throughout the year. It’s best to get your boiler serviced in the Autumn months, so that there is time to solve any issues before it gets too cold.

Upgrade to an energy efficient Boiler - Changing your boiler for a new, energy efficient model will save you money in the long run on your gas/oil prices and will likely add value to your home too:

Originally sourced from https://www.uswitch.com/boilers/guides/new-boiler-cost/

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